Does the City inspect the work?

All work is subject to inspection by the City. The number and type of inspections vary depending on the work being done. When the permit is issued, you will receive a blue inspection record that lists the inspections required. The website and telephone number to call for scheduling an inspection will be on the blue card.

It is the owner or contractors' responsibility to call for an inspection when the work is ready. When you call, you will need to know the following information: the permit number, the project name, the site address, the name and phone number for the contact person, the date and time of the inspection, and the kind of inspection you are requesting.

You may schedule your inspection online before 6 am the day of using our Permit Portal.

Inspections requests over the phone can be made up to 3 pm the previous business day. To reach the voicemail inspection line call 425-489-2754. Press 1 for inspections.

If you have any questions concerning your project or inspections, you may call the inspector directly at 206-276-6856.

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