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City of Woodinville
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Citizen Surveys

Citizen surveys assist the City Council and staff in understanding the attitudes of those who participate about certain community issues, city spending, and satisfaction with city services. The City has commissioned surveys over the years to take the temperature of the community about issues such as property purchases, recreational needs, and overall quality of life.

The City of Woodinville is truly invested in hearing from its residents and businesses to shape the city’s policy directives moving forward. Full transparency and accountability are core values of the administration. One way the city gauges community feedback is by conducting citizen surveys every other year through the nationally accredited National Citizen Survey (NCS).

Most recent citizen survey results indicate the City of Woodinville should prioritize efforts related to the following service areas:

- Traffic flow/mobility
- Availability of affordable housing/cost of living
- Enhancing/improving recreation centers
- Seeking ways to improve contact between the City and its residents; and
- Expanding communication with citizens

To review the citizen surveys that have been conducted, visit the document center or click on the icon below.