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City of Woodinville
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Public Safety

One of the City of Woodinville’s primary goals is to keep the community safe. Public safety responsibilities include emergency management, disaster preparedness, code enforcement, crime prevention, police services and fire prevention.

Emergency Management

One of the primary responsibilities of the City of Woodinville is emergency management and disaster preparedness. The city has a strong relationship with Woodinville Fire & Rescue and in the event of a disaster, a joint emergency operations center (EOC) will open to support emergency operations.  Woodinville participates in FEMA’s Region 10 monthly disaster preparedness coordination and works closely with King County’s emergency preparedness team to ensure Woodinville is equipped and up-to-date with the most relevant and coordinated resources for the community.  Emergency management is broad-ranging and includes a number of planning efforts, staff training, exercises, and community preparedness programs to ensure the City is ready to respond in the event of a natural disaster or emergency event.

Code Enforcement

A functioning community relies on sound policymaking and the best available science to determine the ways in which the environment, its residents and businesses can coincide. Woodinville’s code enforcement division of its development services department is there to support the community in ensuring the policies and rules set out in the Woodinville Municipal Code are enforced and upheld. Code enforcement rules range in issue areas from what hours a contractor can construct a building to how an individual can engage with wildlife in an urban setting and everything in between.  Citizens can file a code enforcement complaint for investigation by the city.

Police Services

The City of Woodinville is fortunate to have the expertise and depth of the King County Sheriff’s Office as its police services provider. While Woodinville’s Police Department resides at City Hall and follows the direction of the Woodinville City Council, it has the multitude of resources of the Sheriff's Office at its fingertips, such as patrol, investigations and other specialty services. 

If you need immediate help from Police, Fire, or EMS; call 911.

If you would like to file a police report, call the King County Sheriff's Office 24/7 Non-Emergency Number: 206-296-3311

Fire Prevention

The City of Woodinville partners with Woodinville Fire & Rescue (a separate entity, a special purpose district) for fire services in city limits. Woodinville Fire & Rescue is a full-service fire department that serves both residents in the city as well as several areas surrounding Woodinville in unincorporated King and Snohomish counties. Woodinville Fire & Rescue works collaboratively with the city and through an interlocal agreement, fire inspections are conducted by Woodinville Fire & Rescue on behalf of the City of Woodinville.