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City of Woodinville
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Records Requests


A new Records Request Portal to streamline the public records request process and improve efficiencies powered by JustFOIA.

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The City of Woodinville responds to requests for access to public records in accordance with the Public Records Act (PRA) RCW 42.56 and Woodinville City Council Ordinance 652 adopting Public Records Act Rules.

For more details about public records requests, see the PRR Information document.

Document Center

Frequently requested documents are available in the City of Woodinville’s Document Center. Examples include maps, interlocal agreements, standards and guidelines, budgets, proclamations, capital improvement plans, critical areas and shoreline updates and other reports. Go to the Document Center and simply browse the folders or use the search box.

fees for Public Records

There is no fee for inspecting public records.  Please see the public record charges for reproduction in our current Fee Schedule.  Payments are accepted in cash, check, or money order payable to the City of Woodinville.

Police department records

Police protection for City of Woodinville residents and businesses is provided through a contract with King County Sheriff’s Office. The City of Woodinville does not hold King County police records.  If you are seeking police records, please visit King County’s public records website and submit a public disclosure request. Simply sign up once and then log in to monitor the request or to submit additional requests.


Woodinville Fire & Rescue provides fire and emergency medical services to the greater Woodinville community.  They strive to post most public records on their website. But, if you are unable to locate the information you are looking for, please submit a public records request directly to them.

water district RECORDS

The Woodinville Water District is an area of approximately 30 square miles serving approximately 14,000 water customers and just over 3,000 sewer customers. Use their interactive map to determine if you are in their service area. And, please contact Woodinville Water District directly and request a public record for information regarding water and sewer pipes as this falls under their responsibility.

Washington State Archives

Records transferred to the Washington State Archives are open to the public for research under the terms of the Public Disclosure Act. Providing access to these records is the top priority of the State Records research staff. In addition to the State Government Archives in Olympia, there are five (5) regional branches. Feel free to search their Digital Archives site to find electronic records or records that have been digitized.

neighboring jurisdictions

If the property you are researching is outside of Woodinville’s city limits, please contact the appropriate neighboring jurisdiction directly.  A few examples are the City of Bothell, unincorporated King County (archives or online records search) and Snohomish County.

To make a records request, complete and submit a Records Request form via email to Katie Hanke, City Clerk.