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Woodinville Welcomes New City Council Member

Woodinville Welcomes New City Council Member
Posted on 07/03/2019
Council Member Best-CampbellThe Woodinville City Council has a new member, long-time resident Rachel Best-Campbell.

The search concluded Tuesday, June 18. Six candidates interviewed to fill Council Position No, 3, left vacant by former Councilmember James Evans. Councilmember Best-Campbell was appointed to serve out the remainder of the position term, through December 2021.

A community organizer and student pedestrian safety advocate, Councilmember Best-Campbell is proud to have represented her neighborhood by attending many public meetings at City Hall over the past three years. During her interview, she noted "I'm someone who doesn't shy away from a challenge. If you tell me I can't do something, you just told me I'm going to do it. When something is important it's worth fighting for.”

Councilmember Best-Campbell has stated that she believes it will be important to consider the character of Woodinville in a sensible and thoughtful manner as Woodinville develops over the next 25 years. She advocates for improvement of existing infrastructure, enhanced walkability, balancing the needs of the tourism industry with other priorities, and remaining true to Woodinville core values. When asked what makes her a good fit for City Council, Best-Campbell stated “I am a good listener. I love this city and I want to provide [the community] what I provide for my own family: strength, guidance, and the ability to move forward."

Councilmember Rachel Best-Campbell lives in the Wellington neighborhood with her husband and teenage son.