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City of Woodinville
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Emergency Management

Emergency Management
The City is required by law to provide emergency management services for its citizens. These include preparing for emergencies, mitigating potential hazards, and responding to disasters. The City works closely with Woodinville Police (contracted through the King County Sheriff's office), Woodinville Fire & Rescue, and the King County Office of Emergency Management to prepare for, mitigate, and respond to disasters. The City's emergency preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery efforts are described in its Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). One of the Plan's vital goals is to provide for the "continuity of government" in the event of a disaster that affects the City. The plan facilitates restoration of basic city government operations and establishes appropriate response and recovery actions.

In the event of a major disaster in the City of Woodinville, resources will be coordinated by personnel from the City, King County Office of Emergency Management, Woodinville Fire & Rescue, King County Sheriff's Office, and, as appropriate, Woodinville Water District, Northshore School District and other local and/or state agencies that will assist with the response and recovery efforts.

Hazards in Woodinville
In a joint effort with King County and several local jurisdictions, the City adopts a Hazard Mitigation Plan every four years. The plan provides a risk assessment that looks at natural hazards that are most likely to occur in Woodinville and creates an action plan to identify and prioritize initiatives to address these hazards. The City last updated its Hazard Mitigation Plan in 2015. The plan can be found here.

What You Can Do During an Emergency
There are a number of ways you can stay informed about what to know and what to do while an emergency is occurring:

  • Sign up for King County's Alert System. You can choose to receive alerts via email for phone during emergencies. Sign up here.
  • Obey traffic signs and road closures. Stay away from downed power lines.

Former Emergency Preparedness Public Safety Commission

On August 1, 2017, the Woodinville City Council approved Ordinance 649 enacting the Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Commission's (EPPSC) recommendation to disband and dissolve the Commission structure. The recommendation by the EPPSC was made in order to better organize and serve the needs of the Woodinville community with regard to Emergency Preparedness, Management, and Recovery.

Former Commissioners will be recognized for their service and dedication at the September 12, 2017 City Council meeting.

While the Commission has dissolved, progress continues for Woodinville's Emergency Management Program. This progress involves the coordination of local agencies responding to potential emergencies and threats, as well as a better organized and trained citizen volunteer group.

2017/2018 Emergency Management Program Goals

  • Merge Washington State Emergency Management comments into the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)
  • Post CEMP online, make it easy to understand and access
  • Hold employee response trainings
  • Establish the Woodinville Emergency Resource Committee
  • Establish the Woodinville Citizen Corps Council, identify key citizen leaders build volunteer base
  • Establish a cross-agency Emergency Operations Center
  • Update badging system for employees, volunteers
  • Review mutual aid agreements
  • Prepare for full-participation in tentative 2021 Cascadia Rising exercise

Documents related to the former Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Commission are archived and can still be found below.

Transcripts of an Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Commission Meeting

Audio recordings were made of each Commission meeting. Written minutes of each meeting were also produced. To obtain an audio recording or minutes, go to Archived Agendas/ Minutes or submit a Request for Public Records to the City Clerk's Office.

Questions Regarding the former Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Commission

Contact Linda Fava at 425-877-2265 or email.

Disaster Preparedness
Are you really ready for the next disaster?
The City's disaster response plans assume that residents and businesses will be prepared to survive a disaster by having a minimum of a three-day supply of food, water, clothing, and items to help stay warm and informed.
Fortunately, there are any resources available to help you create a disaster plan for your home or business, create an emergency kit, and get involved to help your neighborhood during a disaster. Check out the following websites for helpful information:

  • Make It Through - Puget Sound Emergency Management agencies’ website with helpful tips for preparing an emergency plan and kit.
  • - The federal Department of Homeland Security’s official website includes tips for preparing for specific disasters, from landslides to earthquakes to winter storms - and even “space weather!”
  • Puget Sound Energy - Check out PSE’s information on how to handle natural gas leaks, downed power lines, and other energy emergencies.
  • Red Cross - Get information about first aid, caring for pets during an emergency, and other information to help you and your family deal with disasters.