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City of Woodinville
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For Businesses

The City of Woodinville is dedicated to protecting businesses, the local economy, and the community at large during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage businesses to plan for reopening, seek out available resources, and stay current on the latest orders from the State of Washington and King County Public Health.

Navigating new use of outdoor space and tents? NEW! All tent permit fees are have been waived. Take a look at our Guidelines for Use of Outdoor Space under Washington State Phased Reopening and Guidelines on Heating Outdoor Tents. Woodinville Fire & Rescue also offers a handy Temporary Tent Permitting Checklist for tents larger than 400 sq. ft.

Over the summer, the City introduced a program to 
distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) free of charge to eligible local businesses. Limited supplies remain. Learn more and apply to receive PPE.

For more COVID-19 business resources, The City has partnered with the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce to offer a virtual COVID-19 Business Resource Hub.

Below are a number of additional resources for your reference: