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City of Woodinville
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The City of Woodinville is a municipal corporation with specific boundaries and taxing powers,  We are a public corporate entity deriving its existence from the state with the primary purpose of regulating local affairs within our city limits.

The City Council, our established legislative body, has various options for taking legislative actions which could include the adoption or approval of ordinances, resolutions, rules, motions, and orders.

Municipal Code

The City Council establishes and operates under the guidance of the Woodinville Municipal Code (WMC). The WMC contains the guiding policies, fees and operating standards that the city abides by in its day-to-day operations. The City Council regularly updates, revises, and modifies various provisions in the code in order to ensure the city is operating under the most current and relevant standards possible.  The municipal code or WMC refers to the organized and categorized ordinances which have been adopted by the City Council.


Ordinances are the legal mechanisms by which the City Council adopts or modifies its municipal code.  It is a term that is used to refer to a "law" and can be administrative in nature, regulate conduct, or prohibit certain actions.


Resolutions are less formal than an ordinance and are generally considered to be an expression of opinion of the legislative body.  Typically, ministerial and administrative acts are exercised by Resolution.

City Clerk

Generally, it is the City Clerk's responsibility to ensure the municipal code and other regulatory documents are available for reading, online features the most current information for the public to reference.