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Fall Emergency Preparedness

Fall Emergency Preparedness
Posted on 10/13/2020
If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that now is the time to plan for future emergencies.

Make a plan with your family by going to The resources there will guide you through thinking about how to receive emergency alerts, find shelter, evacuate, communicate with family members, and update your emergency preparedness kit. Don't forget to practice your emergency plan before disaster strikes, especially if you care for young children, elderly parents, or pets.

In addition to year-round disasters like earthquakes and pandemic virus, early fall is a great time to prepare for seasonal power outages and snow storms. Replenish your emergency stock of non-perishable food, water, medicine, and other items. Check your car windshield wipers and tire pressure. Buy a snow shovel now, before everyone else gets the same idea.

And most importantly, be sure to sign up for ALERT King County for emergency alerts that help you stay informed about potential hazards and threats impacting the Woodinville area.

More Resources:

American Red Cross: How to Prepare for Emergencies Build a Disaster Supplies Kit