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Philip Mark Appointed to Serve on City Council

Philip Mark Appointed to Serve on City Council
Posted on 07/15/2021
Woodinville has a new city councilmember. Long time resident Philip Mark was appointed by the Woodinville City Council on July 6, 2021 to fill a vacancy recently left by councilmember Charles Price.

Philip Mark is one of two candidates currently running for City Council Position No. 1. His appointed term will conclude when election results are certified in November of 2021, at which point he may continue to serve on Council depending on the outcome of the election.

Mark has lived in the Woodinville area for 23 years and currently resides in the lower West Ridge neighborhood. He has served as an officer on his homeowner's association board for many years and has more recently worked as a volunteer for the Woodinville Wine Country Visitor Center.  He is married with two daughters, one son, and six grandchildren. 

"I'm truly honored and excited to be a member of this Council," said Mark about his successful appointment. "I love our small city.  I have been a proud booster of Woodinville for over two decades, and I have been looking for the right forum to give something back to this community.  We have several significant projects in the works, with more to come, fulfilling the path that Council has been heading down for many years. I look forward to doing my part to fulfill the vision of Woodinville's Comprehensive Plan and work closely with our various commissions to further enhance the desirability of our community."

Please join all of us at the City us in welcoming Councilmember Philip Mark!