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Woodinville Site Proposed for Transfer Station

Woodinville Site Proposed as Future Location of King County Recycling & Transfer Station
Posted on 01/25/2021

>> Take the King County Northeast Transfer Station Community Survey by February 9 to Provide Input 

King County has identified four possible sites across Woodinville, Kirkland, and Redmond to locate a new recycling & transfer station facility intended to replace the aging Houghton Recycling & Transfer Station in Kirkland.

Learn more about the Northeast Recycling & Transfer Station project, site selection process, and proposed sites by visiting King County’s website.

One of the four proposed sites is located inside Woodinville city limits at 16111 Woodinville-Redmond Rd in the south Valley Industrial District. This location is currently home to Winsome Trading, Inc., a woman-owned furniture manufacturing business headquartered in Woodinville for more than 40 years currently employing 140 people.

The proposed Woodinville site, though centrally located and suitable in size for a transfer station, has several associated drawbacks identified by the City Council at their January 19th discussion of the proposal.  These drawbacks include a significant increase in traffic including heavy trucks, noise, and vibrations along the two-lane Redmond-Woodinville Rd, as well as further overburdening of nearby intersections located downtown and in the Tourist District. Selection of the Woodinville site would result in displacement of a large, homegrown Woodinville business and may also negatively impact surrounding businesses in the Valley Industrial District. It would also likely bring negative impacts to the Tourist District, interfering with the serene farmland character crucial to the success of Woodinville’s local tourism industry. Furthermore, the proposed site is adjacent to a residential neighborhood, the future site of the new EasTrail, and a private elementary, middle, and high school. More information about these challenges is available on the City's Northeast Recycling and Transfer Station project page.

While the City of Woodinville is broadly supportive of plans to improve customer service by constructing a new Northeast Recycling and Transfer Station Facility, it is the position of Woodinville City Council that of all site options proposed by King County, the Woodinville site is the worst suited for this facility. The existing Houghton Recycling & Transfer station site is instead best suited to construction of a new transfer station facility.

The City encourages anyone who lives, works, or spends time in Woodinville to complete the Northeast Recycling & Transfer Station Survey by February 9. This is your chance to tell King County what you know about potential impacts to traffic, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, parks, and the environment in the area surrounding the proposed Woodinville site.

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