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Deyoung Park Transformation Project

Deyoung Park Transformation Project
Posted on 12/01/2018
Deyoung Park fall


This city capital project was completed on-time and within budget.  If you visit Deyoung Park today, you will get to experience the magic of climbing into the trees by ascending the steps of the treehouse located in the heart of the park.  There are plenty of places to enjoy your lunch while taking in the view up top or down below.  The community's holiday tree sits in Deyoung Park, decorated and lit annually for your enjoyment.  Don't forget to tryout the over-sized porch swings and enjoy all the wonderful Peace Pole art completed with our Rotary Club partners.  Even if you spend just a moment strolling through the park and sip from our new Woodinville Garden Club water fountain (made for you and your pup), you are sure to see a whole new side to Woodinville's downtown.


The DeYoung Park Renovation Project was on Woodinville’s horizon for several years and in 2018 it became a reality. The project included the renovation of the existing DeYoung Park in the Central Business District of downtown Woodinville.

The park’s nearly million-dollar renovation included the installation of new landscaping, a lawn area, gravel pathways, site furnishings, a treehouse, and a play area. Recycled materials were used throughout the project along with native plantings. Community members and businesses contributed to the park in a unique way through the installation of over a dozen peace poles hand painted by local artists. Funds were also raised by the community to make the engaging treehouse feature possible.  

The city contracted with landscape designers Site Workshop of Seattle to complete the dream of a gathering place in downtown Woodinville that would excite the community and bring it together. The park’s grand opening was celebrated by hundreds of community members in August of 2018.



Spring 2017 – Summer 2018


  • This project is now complete and open to the public.