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Shoreline Master Program 2019 Update

Shoreline Master Program 2019 Update
Posted on 01/08/2019
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Woodinville is conducting a periodic review of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP) to ensure that it stays current with state and local plans and regulations. The City wants to streamline its SMP by removing sections and procedures that are obsolete and by integrating its existing policies and regulations in the Comprehensive Plan and Woodinville Municipal Code. The City is seeking public input as the updates are developed.


You can review the draft document, summaries, and checklists located in our Document Center to find out more about the proposal. You may also visit the Woodinville Development Services Department in City Hall to look at copies of these documents in person.


Continue to meet state guidelines
Incorporate the SMP into the Unified Development Code (Title 21) 
Improve organization and user-friendliness
Consolidate and simplify standards – provide details
Clarify confusing and ambiguous language, and correct conflicting regulations
Update definitions 
Eliminate redundancy to the extent feasible


Open House InvitationThe City held its first open house on February 6, 2019 seeking public input at the start of the process. 

The second open house was held on November 6, 2019. 


The Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on November 20, 2019 to receive public testimony on the proposed changes. After the hearing the Planning Commission voted to send a recommendation to the City Council. You can view this recommendation here


Shoreline Environment Designation Map


The City of Woodinville is conducting a joint review process with the Department of Ecology.

30-day public comment period starts late October or early November per Washington Administrative Code 173-26-104
Joint public hearing with the Planning Commission and Department of Ecology (scheduled for November 20, 2019)
After the close of the comment period, City submits public comments and responses to public comments to Ecology
City submits SMP amendments with supporting documents to the Department of Ecology
Department of Ecology reviews SMP amendments and provides the City any required and recommended changes
City decides whether to incorporate required and recommended changes
City Council takes action on final SMP amendments
City forwards the locally adopted SMP amendments for final action by the Department of Ecology


In the Document Center you will find the following types of documents and links:

Planning Commission Recommendation
Determination of Nonsignificance with SEPA Checklist
Draft of SMP with staff comment dated 09/18/2019
SMP Periodic Review Checklist
SMP Periodic Update - Gap Analysis
Shoreline Goals and Policies
Washington State SMP Periodic Review Checklist
Public Participation Plan
2009 Shoreline Master Program (Current SMP)
Washington State Department of Ecology Shoreline Management page
Shoreline Planner’s tool box – scroll down to Amendments and click on Periodic Review
Summary of the Periodic Review Rule 
Washington State Department of Ecology – Frequently Asked Questions

Written comments, or requests to be added to the project mailing list may be sent to: or

SMP Update
Woodinville Development Services Department
17301 133rd Ave NE
Woodinville, WA 90872