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Capital Requests

Capital Project Request

Use this form to request consideration of a capital improvement project in the City of Woodinville.

What is a capital project?

A capital improvement project is a major, non-routine expenditure for property acquisition, new construction, or improvement to existing buildings, facilities, land, or infrastructure.  To be considered a capital improvement project,it will have an estimated useful life of five (5) or more years and cost $50,000 or more.

City staff reviews and updates a six (6) year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) annually to consider new projects and priorities. The review evaluates each project based on criteria ranging from public health and safety to financing and quality of life. Projects are aligned with projected funding sources to create the CIP for adoption by the City Council.

How to make a request?

First, you can see if your project is already on the list by reviewing the current Capital Improvement Plan.

If it is not listed, fill out the form below to make a request.  In your request, please be as descriptive as possible.  Include information such as the name of the building or the streets and location of the desired improvement. Your feedback allows us to better serve you as we move forward into the future.

Project Name
Project Location (be specific)
Project Description

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